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MEMCYCO is a personalized Proof of Authenticity Solution that protects brands & end-users from malicious impostors
PROTECTION Our multi-patent-pending digital watermark provides instant and definite confirmation that your websites and correspondence are truly your trusted brand’s
REAL TIME DETECTION Our unique real-time technology detects and warns of malicious attacks at their earliest stages to prevent imposter and phishing scams before they reach your end-users
We Provide Proof of Source Authenticity at Point of Impact Between Brands and End-users
A single line of code automatically produces a personalized authentication watermark, keeping your end-users confident and helping them avoid traps
Text Messaging
PoSA integrates with bulk text messaging platforms via a unique API which adds a user specific code to provide your end-users with instant confidence
Memcyco’s unique API integrates with bulk email generator platforms to add a unique watermark and user specific code to your email communications
Unique Features
Secure user specific watermark that can’t be forged
Installed in minutes with a single line of code
No user registration or installation
Watermark design adaptable to brand specifications
Scalable for any company & marketing operation
Integrates with websites, email and text messaging platforms
Pre-emptive Alerts of Malicious Attacks
Preventative Alerts
PoSA continuously guards your online ecosystem to immediately identify brand identity theft and phishing scams
Attack Alerts
Real-time alerts of website spoofing, cloning and ATO (Account Take-over) attack campaigns
End-User Alerts
Attackers are sneaky. Warn end-users if fake websites and phishing campaigns impersonate your brand
Start protecting your brand & end-users in minutes
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Get Your Watermark
A single line of code with quick, hassle-free installation
Hear all those clicks when end-users know it’s really you. Get alerts to stop attacks at the point of impact