DIGITAL Trust is the foundation of successful DIGITAL business

Protect your clients and business from brandjacking fraud


of consumers would stop engaging with a brand online after an attack


of cybercrime in the USA stems from brand impersonation


of UK consumers believe it is the brand’s responsibility to protect itself from spoofed versions of its website

Memcyco Proof of Source Authenticity (PoSA™) Suite

Automatic digital trust enablement & online brand impersonation protection

Digital Brand Watermark

Foster user trust on every visit to your website

Show a forge-proof authenticity watermark to every website visitor, proving that the content they’re seeing & interacting with is genuine and safe.

Brandjacking Detection & Prevention

Stop brand impersonation fraud from damaging your business

Stay ahead of fraudsters and protect your digital assets with real-time brand impersonation monitoring, alerting and protection. Gain unprecedented visibility into spoofing attempts that go undetected by domain registration and web scanners

Agentless End-user Protection

Safeguard your users from fraud

Prevent your end-users from falling victim to brand impersonation scams with an impostor site alert that appears when users access cloned or spoofed versions of your website.


Show clients that digital trust is a core brand value

with Proof of Source Authenticity™

Reduce risk and recovery costs

with timely evidence-based response to brandjacking attacks

Safeguard your brand and customers

by extending your security perimeter beyond the boundaries of your organization

Effectively investigate incidents and remediate customer experience impact

with full attack scope visibility and granular impact reports

Deploy in minutes with just a few lines of code

no training, professional services or end-user registration needed

Stay ahead of brand impersonators

with a SaaS solution that evolves when cyber-criminals change tactics

Memcyco Raises $10M to Deliver Real-Time Brandjacking Protection 🎉