Your end-to-end solution to​

Only Memcyco safeguards your business and your customers, with real-time defense during the critical 'window of exposure' – from the moment a fake site goes live until its takedown

Is your website currently under attack? Get a free scan to find out.

The Devastating Impact of Website Spoofing Fraud


loss reported by consumers due fraud in 2022


of consumers believe it is the brand’s responsibility to prevent web spoofing


of consumers said they are less likely to accept calls or texts from spoofed brands


of cybercrime in the USA stems from brand impersonation


of consumers would stop engaging with a brand online after an attack


on average, the cost of recovering from the costliest attack


said they would simply lose trust in doing business with the original brand.

Hated by website spoofers, loved by your customers

Memcyco is the only brandjacking defense that doesn’t waste time on searching for website impersonation attacks.
We simply know!

Brandjacking Detection & Prevention

Stop brand impersonation fraud from damaging your business

Stay ahead of fraudsters and protect your digital assets with real-time brand impersonation monitoring, alerting and protection. Gain unprecedented visibility into spoofing attempts that go undetected by domain registration and web scanners

Agentless End-user Protection

Safeguard your users from fraud

Prevent your end-users from falling victim to brand impersonation scams with an impostor site alert that appears when users access cloned or spoofed versions of your website.

Digital Brand Watermark

Foster user trust on every visit to your website

Show a forge-proof authenticity watermark to every website visitor, proving that the content they’re seeing & interacting with is genuine and safe.

Only Memcyco…

Safeguards the critical window of exposure 

Protects its customers AND their customers from website spoofing attacks

Enables real-time detection of fake sites

Provides detailed forensics on the attack magnitude, the attacker, and the targeted victims

Delivers innovative and unique mitigation techniques 

Increases digital trust and delivers proof of website authenticity

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