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Dissecting the Chameleon: Tackling Industry-Wide Digital Impersonation Fraud

Shira Rubinoff and David Habusha discuss the crucial topic of Single Sign-On (SSO) in the modern cybersecurity ecosystem, addressing misconceptions, convenience and also its security risks.

Why You Should Watch

Tune into our webinar to uncover the stealthy world of digital impersonation—a growing threat that spans sectors from retail to finance, and beyond. Discover cutting-edge strategies to shield your business and stay steps ahead of this pervasive digital menace.

Key Highlights

Digital Impersonation Scams and Their Impact

The increasing volume and complexity of digital impersonation attacks, highlighting the need for innovative solutions to combat these threats.

Preventing Credential Harvesting Attacks

Solutions to stop credential harvesting attacks by creating useless credentials, reducing the volume of attacks at the top of the funnel.

Cybersecurity Awareness and Self-Protection

The importance of self-awareness and taking personal responsibility, with a focus on detecting fake websites in real-time and reducing fraud by 20-25%.

Shed Light on the Prevalence and Impact of Digital Impersonation Fraud

Explore strategic defenses to safeguard against this growing threat across key industries and sectors.

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