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Cyber Crime Junkies Podcast: Innovative Ways to Reduce Website Spoofing

After years in the industry, inventing and exploring emerging technologies, Gideon Hazam, Co-Founder, COO and CSM at Memcyco, found a way to solve a problem outside the normal cybersecurity approaches. He joins us behind the scenes to discuss innovative ways to reduce website spoofing.

Why You Should Watch

Explore new strategies to mitigate cyber risks in the financial sector, preventative measures against account takeovers, and cutting-edge methods to curb website spoofing. Delve into the latest phishing techniques and their impact, the threat of social engineering on financial institutions, and gain comprehensive insights into the nuances of website spoofing.

Key Highlights

Digital Impersonation Scams and Their Impact

The increasing volume and complexity of digital impersonation attacks, highlighting the need for innovative solutions to combat these threats.

Current Solutions and Challenges

Solutions to stop impersonation attacks by real-time detection, protection and response. Proactive measures allowing for full visibility is key.

Cybersecurity Awareness and Self-Protection

The importance of self-awareness and taking personal responsibility, with a focus on detecting fake websites in real-time and during the window of exposure.

The Importance of Brand Protection in Real-Time

Watch now to find out why there’s a need for continuous monitoring and understanding, instant visibility and focus on actions to take in order to protect users.

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