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Digital Defenders: An Innovative Approach to Cyber Security

Why You Should Watch

We all get links luring us to fake sites by email, text messages, and In many cases, these links are used to steal our credentials, money and intellectual property. Current solutions are mainly of the “scan and takedown” variety. They do not work in real-time. Their main shortcomings are: no protection and no visibility. In particular, customer protection is a missing piece in the cyber security puzzle: everyone protects the enterprise, its employees, and its assets. No one protects its customers. Memcyco do.

Key Highlights

Digital Impersonation Scams and Their Impact

The increasing volume and complexity of digital impersonation attacks, highlighting the need for innovative solutions to combat these threats.

Current Solutions and Challenges

Solutions to stop impersonation attacks by real-time detection, protection and response. Proactive measures allowing for full visibility is key.

Cybersecurity Awareness and Self-Protection

The importance of self-awareness and taking personal responsibility, with a focus on detecting fake websites in real-time and during the window of exposure.

The Importance of Brand Protection in Real-Time

Watch now to find out why there’s a need for continuous monitoring and understanding, instant visibility and focus on actions to take in order to protect users.

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