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Your customers
hear about cyber attacks every day
Make sure they know your sites and communications are legitimate
80% of People Hesitate to Click on company communication because they suspect the site, email or SMS is fake or a phishing scam
MEMCYCO point of Impact Protection At every communication touchpoint between brands and customers, partners and employees
WEBSITE Protect your brand from imposter sites that trick your customers & partners, and damage your business
CAMPAIGNS Maximize click rates when confident customers know the ad or message is really from you
CORRESPONDENCE Save on costly customer support with authenticated emails and text messages that users can trust
MEMCYCO’s Proof of Source Authenticity (PoSA™)
A personalized authenticity solution that gives your customers, employees and partners instant confidence that your websites and correspondence are legitimate
It’s too easy for attackers to trick people. Now it’s easy for you to protect them
Single Line of Code Authenticate any website, landing page or campaign one-time, in minutes
Intuitive User Education No training or professional services, no end-user involvement required
Pre-emptive Protection Receive real-time alerts when an imposter takes action to copy your site or phish your users