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Cybertech Global, Tel Aviv?

April 8 - 10, 2024 | Pavilion 2, Expo Tel Aviv

Generative AI, off-the-shelf ‘phish kits’, deep fakes – tech is now giving even novice bedroom fraudsters the tools for easily scaling phishing-related website impersonation scams that make multi-million dollar headlines practically overnight.

If tech is part of the phishing-fraud problem, then we’re making better cybertech part of
the real-time answer for keeping businesses *and* customers protected.

As Cybertech event sponsor two years in a row, Memcyco unveiled the breakthrough
innovations in digital risk protection helping global businesses save millions in
Incident-handling costs, while finally gaining attack-scope and magnitude visibility

The bottom line: if it’s not real-time, it’s not real digital risk protection

Event sponsor Cybertech 2024


Are you part of the

‘instant visibility’ digital risk protection evolution?

At Cybertech 2024, Memcyco showcased a real-time armory of website impersonation detection, protection and response capabilities helping global businesses go on the offensive and shut down phishing-related brand cyber attacks faster, earlier and for longer than competitor solutions.

How to auto-swap stolen user credentials with ‘Decoy Credentials’ right at the moment of impact

How to unlock instant, real-time visibility of individual phishing-related scam victim identities

The ATO ‘nano defenders’ already helping global businesses saving millions in incident handling

As us about the Window of Exposure 2

The ‘Window of Exposure’, why nobody wants to talk about it, and how we’re finally closing it

Memcyco in Action at Cybertech Global, Tel Aviv

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Business Development

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Chief Marketing Officer

Ori Mazin

CRO, Co-Founder

Tzoor Cohen

Tzoor Cohen

SOC Team Lead

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Head of Global Partnerships

Eyal Zargari

Eyal Zargari

Account Executive, Mid-Market

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