Case study

HiT MEMCYCO Case Study – A Milestone for Security in Academia

About HIT

HIT Holon Institute of Technology, is a well-established unique and multidisciplinary academic institution. HIT promotes the “Hi-Tech Nation” concept through its groundbreaking creativity, research and development. It is on the cutting-edge of innovation and entrepreneurship. HIT represents the combination of academy and industry, advancing towards the integration of science, engineering, design and management.
This unique integration is evident in its state-of-the-art research centers and labs as well as in joint academia-industry initiatives.

The challenge

Towards the end of 2021, our institution was hit with a large-scale cyberattack in the form of an email phishing scam targeted at both our students and professors. In this well coordinated attack, the attackers were able to steal several of our exams and research papers, which are valuable assets for us.

While we currently educate our users about such attacks and use best in class email scanners to remove phishing emails – these measures are obviously not failproof. To recover and to prevent future attacks, and since we can assume that attack attempts will become more frequent, we began looking for software solutions that would help secure our current infrastructure against such attacks by truly stopping our users from falling for the attacks.

The solution

After a long search, we approached MEMCYCO. MEMCYCO’s new Proof of Site Authenticity (PoSA) solution is exactly what we are looking for. It works in real time and provides our users with a visual security affirmation via an unforgeable watermark on both our website and our emails. The watermark includes a user-specific code and provides students and faculty members a true sense of security. It not only provides a safe environment for students and staff to access our resources, but also deters future attackers.

Installation was extremely easy. After signing up, our tech support team needed only to add a single line of code to our web files and the watermark simply appeared in front of us. We also informed our users to start expecting this watermark as a sign they can trust the site. Management was also a breeze, and gradually rolling it out to all our students was refreshingly simple.On top of all of that, the real game changer for us is that our users are not required to install anything or register anywhere.
Immediately, we received a positive response. Students and staff who got used to seeing the watermark are expecting to see it every time they access our website. We saw higher
engagement and more time spent on our websites, and our professors reported that more students have found and read their published material.

Memcyco also provides alerts about suspicious activities which are invaluable to us and our students in avoiding attacks.
This is the only solution that we know of which can make our users aware in real time that they accessing an impostor site – as they do not see the watermark on it.
The solution gives us and our community peace of mind. We can now finally feel confident and safe whenever we access our site.


We are very satisfied with MEMCYCO and recommend it fully. It has finally provided us with a solution to plug a big gap in our cyber security needs. Our students and professors can now browse, upload, and share on our sites fully assured that they are in their desired place on the web.
We are excited to see what other capabilities Memcyco will add to its suite, and what other innovative features it will introduce.

Shmil Goldberg

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