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How AI is Going to Change the Digital Fraud Battlefield

Discover How AI is Going to Change the Digital Fraud Battlefield, a webinar with special guest, Philip Moyer, VP of Business AI at Google. Watch this webinar on demand now, or later in your own time.

We’re excited to host Philip Moyer, Global VP of AI Business at Google, and a member of Memcyco’s advisory board.

Fraud is one of the biggest issues harming businesses worldwide. The advent of AI brings with it both challenges and opportunities in this area.

Watch to discover Philip’s insights on:

Emerging risks with increased reliance on AI

The role of AI in digital fraud

How to account for unexpected risks when using AI

The use of AI in preventing digital fraud

The Agenda

Navigating the Emerging Risks in AI Landscape

Deepfake-Powered Phishing: Unveiling the Threat Landscape

Equipping Organizations for Effective Fraud Detection Strategies

Elevating the Significance of Content Provenance in the AI Era

Memcyco's Solution: Enhancing AI Security and Trust

Decoding the Challenge: Identifying Elusive Fraud Schemes

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