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Staying Ahead of the Account Takeover Fraud Epidemic: Breakthrough Approaches and Tactics

It doesn’t matter which report you read: the data shows account takeover attacks (ATO) have skyrocketed in 2023 – and brand impersonation techniques have become a go-to for the fraudsters fuelling the ATO attack boom. And it’s not just ATO – credit card theft via brand impersonation has also exploded alongside the post-pandemic growth of online transactions. Watch this webinar now to unpack these insights.

Watch to discover insights on:

How can businesses safeguard customers and employees?

What does it take to stop ATO attacks before they start?

What are ‘SSO attacks’ and their implications?

Which breakthrough tech offers the best protection?

The Agenda

Account takeover attacks and their evolution

Cybersecurity accountability and proactive measures

Financial institution security and account takeover prevention

Cybersecurity threats and protection in financial institutions

Phishing-based employee account takeover attacks and their consequences

Balancing technology and human factors for security

Cybersecurity threats and new approaches to protection

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