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Top 10 Digital Risk Protection Software Solutions

Top 10 Digital Risk Protection Software Solutions

It’s no longer a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’ and ‘how’ cyber threats will target an organization. This reality demands a proactive approach to digital security.

Recent data shows that over 85% of organizations have experienced a cyber attack supporting this need for vigilance. These incidents range from data breaches to brand impersonation, each carrying significant risks to business integrity and continuity. The evolving nature of cyber threats makes traditional security measures increasingly ineffective.

This is where Digital Risk Protection (DRP) software solutions come in. They offer a targeted and dynamic defense mechanism against these diverse digital threats. As we explore the top DRP software solutions, we’ll provide valuable insights to help you choose the most effective tools to safeguard your organization.

What are Digital Risk Protection Software Solutions?

Digital Risk Protection (DRP) software solutions are a category of tools designed to help organizations identify, monitor, and mitigate digital risks faced in the online world. Most DRP solutions offer cyber risk detection, continuously monitoring the internet for mentions of your brand and for threats such as malware, data breaches, and phishing attacks.

This software leverages threat intelligence feeds to stay current on the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities and alerts you to potential threats so you can take action quickly. Some DRP solutions provide incident response services to help you mitigate and recover from a cyberattack.


Digital Transformation Exposes your Organization to Attackers


Types of Digital Risk Protection Software Solutions

Digital Risk Protection (DRP) software solutions are categorized into two main types:

  1. Brand Protection Solutions: Safeguard a company’s brand from unauthorized use, counterfeit websites, and trademark infringements.
  2. Cyber Threat Intelligence Platforms: Offer a broader analysis of digital threats, including data breaches and vulnerabilities in digital infrastructure.


DRP Use Cases


Benefits of Digital Risk Protection Software Solutions

  • Provides Threat Intelligence – Offers insights into emerging threats and cyber risks specific to your organization.
  • Reduces Your Attack Surface Identifies and helps mitigate external vulnerabilities.
  • Protects Your Brand – Monitors for and addresses instances of brand impersonation, infringement, or misuse online.
  • Prevents Data Leakage – Detects and alerts on potential data breaches or leaks of sensitive information.
  • Detects Fraud – Identifies potential fraud activities such as phishing attempts targeting your organization or customers.
  • Enhances Situational Awareness – Offers a comprehensive view of the organization’s digital risk landscape, aiding in strategic decision-making.
  • Prevents Reputational Damage – Helps safeguard the organization’s online reputation by monitoring and addressing negative or false information. 
  • Scalability – Ability to adapt to business growth and evolving threats.

Key Features of Digital Risk Protection Software Solutions

Valuable features to look for when choosing a Digital Risk Protection software include:

  • Threat Intelligence Feeds: Accesses comprehensive threat data for a broader risk perspective
  • Automated Takedown Services: Quick removal of fraudulent content and unauthorized brand use.
  • Digital Footprint Mapping: Visibility of an organization’s digital presence to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Integration with Security Infrastructure: Smooth integration with existing cybersecurity measures.
  • Transaction Security Monitoring: Essential for preventing ecommerce fraud and protecting customer trust.
  • Brand and Customer Data Protection: Tools to safeguard brand integrity and sensitive customer data.

Top 10 Digital Risk Protection Software Solutions

1. Memcyco


Infused with AI, Memcyco’s real-time digital risk protection solutions grant businesses full visibility and control of phishing-related digital impersonation fraud before ATO, money theft, data breaches, and ransomware occur. How? Its unique ‘nano defender’ technology detects, protects, and responds to attacks as they unfold.

Memcyco is the only end-to-end solution that combats brand impersonation attacks that originate via spoofed websites, safeguarding your business and your customers during the critical ‘window of exposure’ (from the moment a fake site goes live until it’s taken down).

Now, finally, Security, Fraud, and Digital Business teams can see the full attack scope and customer identities, instantly disarming and locking out fraudsters while optimizing risk engine prediction.

Daily, Memcyco secures tens of millions of customer accounts, helping save millions in incident remediation costs while reducing the impact on customers, workloads, expenses, and reputation.

Main Features:

  • Detects fake websites in real-time.
  • Agentless end-user protection protects the company and its customers from website impersonation attacks.
  • Embeds an active ‘nano defender’ tracking sensor in your company’s authentic site to provide real-time maximum attack visibility and full protection for the company and its customers.
  • Displays a forge-proof authenticity watermark to confirm the legitimacy of your site.
  • Responds with detailed forensics, enriching your risk engine with valuable data about the attack & attacker, which allows you to reduce the impact/MTTD/MTTR from 48 hours to 1 hour!

Best for: Digital businesses vulnerable to brandjacking, ATO attacks via SSO, and impersonation fraud, such as financial institutions.

Price: Contact for pricing. A free demo is available.

Review: “Our ability to promptly identify customers affected by a brandjacking attack allows us to quickly take action and protect both our customers and us from the negative consequences of the attack.”

2. BlueVoyant


BlueVoyant’s approach to digital risk protection involves an external threat landscape analysis, which is essential for a comprehensive digital risk strategy. It scrutinizes cyber threats that target the company’s online activities and brand identity, providing actionable intelligence to prevent damage to an organization’s reputation.

Main Features:

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence: Comprehensive monitoring to spot external threats that could impact your brand.
  • Digital Footprint Analysis: Keeps track of your brand’s digital presence to detect potential risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Brand Protection Services: Offers services to respond to threats against your brand quickly and effectively.

Best for: Organizations seeking extensive external threat intelligence and brand protection.

Price: Custom pricing based on client needs.

Review: Alerting and malware detection have been very helpful.”

3. Forsiet


Foresiet leverages Artificial Intelligence to offer predictive insights into potential digital threats, aligning with the article’s narrative on the need for proactive measures in DRP. Its focus on anticipatory analytics allows organizations to stay ahead of threats, which is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of e-commerce operations that the article underscores as particularly vulnerable to digital risks.

Main Features:

  • Predictive Risk Analysis: Uses AI to proactively forecast digital risks and prevent them.
  • Brand Monitoring: Continuously scans for brand-related risks across the digital landscape.
  • Digital Resilience Planning: Assists organizations in building more robust digital defenses against brand-related threats.

Best for: Businesses looking for AI-driven risk anticipation and proactive digital brand defense.

Price: Available upon request.

Review: “Very good visibility of attack service, great for brand monitoring…overall it provides a great shield for any type of organization, so I am satisfied with it”

4. Fortra


Fortra encompasses various digital risk protection services to secure digital assets and maintain online reputation. The suite’s capability to protect an organization’s digital landscape includes holistic digital risk management, emphasizing the importance of an end-to-end solution that addresses the varied aspects of digital risk.

Main Features:

  • Data Security: Ensures sensitive data is protected from external digital threats.
  • Compliance Management: Helps maintain regulatory compliance, reducing digital risk exposure.
  • Secure File Transfer: Monitors and protects digital information transfer, preventing data leaks.

Best for: Businesses of all sizes seeking comprehensive security solutions that include DRP.

Price: Custom pricing by inquiry.

Review: “(Fortra is) able to consume data from many sources through existing integrations which provides us with a good coverage of our entire infrastructure.”

5. Mandiant


Mandiant’s specialty in cyber threat intelligence and incident response is a critical component of DRP, as it directly deals with identifying and mitigating digital threats. Their services emphasize the necessity of swift and informed responses to digital threats to protect an organization’s assets and brand reputation in the digital realm.

Main Features:

  • Advanced Threat Intelligence: Offers insight into emerging digital threats and their potential impact on your brand.
  • Incident Response: Provides rapid response services to mitigate digital risks when they occur.
  • Malware Analysis: In-depth malware analysis to protect your digital assets from sophisticated cyber attacks.

Best for: Enterprises needing expert-level threat intelligence and incident response capabilities.

Price: Pricing upon inquiry.

Review: “I like that Mandiant continually monitors assets for vulnerability. It provides fast threat response abilities and identifies unsanctioned resources.”

6. Rapid7


Rapid7’s integration of vulnerability management with its Digital Risk Protection services provides a preemptive approach to detecting and responding to digital threats. This focus on early detection and comprehensive threat intelligence is an essential feature of DRP software, particularly for organizations prioritizing a preemptive security stance.

Main Features:

  • Vulnerability Management: Identifies and rectifies potential digital risks related to software vulnerabilities.
  • Threat Intelligence: Provides insights into the latest digital threats affecting your brand.
  • Automation: Utilizes automation to protect against and respond to digital risks efficiently.

Best for: Businesses that require integrated vulnerability management with their digital risk protection strategy.

Price: By inquiry.

Review: “The solution offers a large coverage when it comes to vulnerability management and an integrated risk-based approach when it comes to the management of the program.”

7. Recorded Future

Recorded Future

Recorded Future’s real-time threat intelligence and automated risk analysis services are vital to DRP, providing immediate insights into potential threats. Recorded Future facilitates the need for timely and data-driven decision-making in DRP.

Main Features:

  • Real-time Threat Intelligence: Monitors digital channels for immediate threat identification.
  • Automated Risk Analysis: Automatically assesses potential digital risks to your brand.
  • Customizable Alerts: Configurable notifications to stay informed about digital threats relevant to your business.

Best for: Organizations that need dynamic, real-time threat intelligence for digital risk mitigation.

Price: Available upon request.

Review: “Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud offers several advantages including real-time intelligence on a wide range of topics, including cybersecurity, geopolitical events, and financial markets.”

8. Reliaquest


Reliaquest emphasizes flexible security models and continuous monitoring, allowing for scalable and adaptive DRP strategies. This flexibility is key to adaptable DRP solutions that can meet the unique needs of different e-commerce organizations, a critical aspect for ensuring comprehensive digital protection.

Main Features:

  • Security Model Management: Adapts and manages your security posture to mitigate digital risks.
  • Unified Threat Detection: Monitors for threats across multiple digital channels.
  • Response Capabilities: Offers swift action to digital risks affecting your brand.

Best for: Businesses seeking adaptable security models and continuous digital risk monitoring.

Price: Custom pricing options are available.

Review: “24/7 coverage, when it works, it works well. Everyone is enthusiastic and puts forth good effort.”

9. Skurio


Skurio simplifies digital risk protection through automation, with special attention to dark web monitoring and data breach responses. Automation in DRP is required to efficiently scale threat monitoring and response capabilities, which is exactly what Skurio provides for businesses.

Main Features:

  • Automated Digital Risk Protection: Streamlines the detection and prevention of digital risks.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Scans for threats related to your digital assets and brand on the dark web.
  • Breach Response: Provides tools and services to respond to digital risks and breaches effectively.

Best for: SMEs needing an automated solution for cyber threat monitoring and data breach response.

Price: The pricing structure is tiered based on service levels.

Review: “…Allows us to easily keep track of potential data breaches across so many different platforms…giving us the capability to remediate and stay ahead of potential data breaches early.”

10. ZeroFox


ZeroFox’s extensive coverage of digital risk protection across various digital channels, including social media and collaboration platforms, encapsulates comprehensive DRP. It’s the kind of multi-platform monitoring solution necessary for businesses to effectively protect their digital footprint.

Main Features:

  • Cross-Platform Risk Monitoring: Watches over all digital channels for potential threats to your brand.
  • Digital Risk Analysis: Evaluates the severity of threats and the level of response required.
  • Protection Strategies: Implements strategies to protect against digital impersonation and other brand-related risks.

Best for: Companies requiring broad coverage across all digital channels for their DRP needs.

Price: Custom pricing tailored to the scale and needs of the organization.

Review: “We can feel secure in knowing that our Executive Leadership Team and our Brand are safe on the internet.”

Get Full Brand Cyber Attack Visibility, with Memcyco

As the old saying goes, “Being prepared is half the battle won.” Securing your organization’s digital presence becomes much easier and more effective when you employ Digital Risk Protection software solutions to proactively defend it. 

Choosing a DRP solution like Memcyco is more than a security measure; it’s an investment in your business’s resilience and future. When 73% of consumers believe it’s the brand’s responsibility to defend them from website spoofing, securing your organization’s website against impersonation with Memcyco is a wise cybersecurity policy that builds digital trust.

Book a demo and take a proactive step towards continually protecting both business *and customers* from account takeover (ATO) fraud and its devastating consequences. 

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