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Top 10 API Discovery Tools for 2023

Top 10 API Discovery Tools for 2023

While full of opportunities, the digital world is riddled with hidden dangers that can harm even the most well-established organizations. From the ever-present threat of cyberattacks to the intricate web of interconnected systems and applications, businesses today must carefully safeguard their digital assets.

Studies reveal that 41% of organizations express concerns about cybersecurity defenses, noting deficiencies in vital attributes like visibility and control, especially within their developmental processes. This insufficiency isn’t restricted to development; 28% of organizations shared that this deficiency of visibility and control extends into the deployment of application programming interfaces (APIs), the software that allows computer programs to communicate with each other.

APIs are an integral aspect of online operations—but 40% of organizations are willing to admit that fresh builds enter production riddled with misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and other security challenges. It’s clear that new, more robust security measures targeting API security are needed. 

Enter API discovery tools—an essential arsenal for safeguarding your digital assets. In this article, we’ll explore API Discovery tools, their different types, benefits, key features, and survey the top ten tools for 2023. 

Unique attackers targeting customer APIs

What are API Discovery Tools?

API discovery tools have become an essential part of modern cybersecurity strategies. Their primary purpose is to help organizations identify and manage the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in their digital systems. 

APIs act as bridges that allow different software applications to communicate and share data smoothly. Discovery tools are specifically designed to find and document these APIs, giving insights into how they work, how often they’re used, and where there might be vulnerabilities. These tools help organizations understand their API landscape, ensuring they follow security protocols, regulatory requirements, and proper governance. 

API discovery tools are crucial for strengthening digital assets by ensuring APIs are well-managed, carefully monitored, and protected against potential threats and weaknesses.

Types of API Discovery Tools

There are various types of API discovery tools designed to enable a proactive approach to API security and cater to different cybersecurity needs. Some of the most commonly used tools include:

API Discovery Tool Type Function
Automated Scanners Quickly scan networks and applications to pinpoint APIs across systems, offering a comprehensive view.
API Catalogs Organized repositories that maintain up-to-date API information, aiding in effective API management.
API Security Platforms Focus on API discovery and security assessment, identifying and addressing vulnerabilities.
API Monitoring Tools Track real-time API activities, revealing usage patterns and potential security breaches.
API Documentation Generators Automate API documentation creation, facilitating developer understanding and security integration.
Network Traffic Analysis Tools Identify API-related patterns and interactions in network traffic.
Web Application Security Scanners Target APIs within web apps to detect vulnerabilities.
API Management Platforms Comprehensive solutions covering API discovery, design, deployment, monitoring, and security.
Cloud Security Solutions Include API discovery and protection for cloud-hosted APIs.

API Security

Benefits of API Discovery Tools

API discovery tools offer a range of benefits for organizations seeking to bolster cybersecurity and operational efficiency. The most important are:

  • Enhanced Security: These tools identify unauthorized APIs, minimizing potential attack vectors
  • Risk Management: Organizations can assess and prioritize security measures based on comprehensive API insights.
  • Regulatory Compliance: APIs are aligned with industry standards, ensuring regulatory adherence.
  • Efficient Resource Use: Security efforts can be targeted, optimizing resource allocation.
  • Improved Visibility: Real-time insights detect abnormal API behavior promptly.

Other vital benefits of API Discovery Tools include streamlined development processes, because access to accurate API information reduces errors and boosts efficiency. The added benefit of swift incident response also means that the impact of any breach is minimized by quickly identifying compromised APIs for immediate action.

Furthermore, organizations experience reduced downtime, as faster identification and mitigation of risks decrease interruptions caused by cyber incidents. Protecting sensitive data becomes more manageable, as unauthorized access can be efficiently prevented.

Key Features of API Discovery Tools

API discovery tools come with a range of key features essential for robust cybersecurity and safeguarding digital assets, including: 

  • Comprehensive Scanning: Effective tools conduct thorough scans to identify all APIs in use.
  • Behavioral Analytics: Advanced tools analyze API behavior patterns, spotting deviations that could indicate threats.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Tools with real-time monitoring swiftly detect and alert to suspicious activity.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Some tools include features for identifying potential weak points.
  • Threat Intelligence Integration: Integrating threat intelligence enhances detection accuracy.
  • Automated Documentation: APIs are automatically documented, reducing manual effort and errors.
  • Visualization and Reporting: Clear visualizations and detailed reports aid in understanding API landscapes and threats.
  • Scalability: Tools accommodating growth and dynamic ecosystems adapt to evolving needs.

To help narrow down your choice of solution, we’ve compiled a helpful list of the top 10 API discovery tools for 2023.

Top 10 API Discovery Tools for 2023

1. Memcyco



If you’re looking for an API discovery tool, you want to protect a website or a web-based application. While not an API discovery tool per se, Memcyco stands out by offering innovative protection against the dangers of website spoofing.

Memcyco fills the security gap when it: 

  • Issues a real-time Red Alert to customers who visit a fake website. 
  • Ensures complete visibility by providing you with full details of the attack. 
  • Marks your websites as legit with an unforgeable, customizable watermark. 
  • Agentless solution means your customers don’t need to register anywhere or install anything. 
  • Easy implementation—by simply adding a few lines of code, you start realizing value within hours 

By employing Memcyco, companies are safeguarded during the critical window of exposure, the time a fake website goes up until it’s taken down. 

Best for: Defense against website spoofing

Price: Contact for pricing. A free demo is available.

Review:We are very satisfied with Memcyco and recommend it fully. It has finally provided us with a solution to plug a big gap in our cyber security needs.”

2. TeejLab


TeejLab’s API Governance platform lets organizations discover, test, and secure APIs. It automates security checks using known frameworks, helping businesses manage legal risks and security threats. The platform also aids in identifying hidden APIs and offers easy report generation for collaboration and monetization.

Best for: Ensuring compliance with legal regulations

Price: Corporate pricing by request. 

Review: “The platform is easy to use, the pages are clear and user-friendly. You can test and manage APIs in the platform.” 

3. Noname Security

Noname Security


Noname Security stands out in the API security landscape, providing a comprehensive approach to safeguarding digital assets. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Noname covers discovery, posture management, runtime protection, and security testing.

Best for: Holistic API security

Price: Contact for pricing.

Review: “Noname security is an all-in-one tool for API security which makes it easier for companies to protect their API endpoints against cyber attacks.”

4. Spectral


Spectral Ops offers a comprehensive cybersecurity framework designed to oversee source code and associated development assets. With Spectral, you can proactively track and identify vulnerabilities in API keys, tokens, credentials, and security setups, ensuring threats are mitigated before they escalate.

Best for: Effortless synchronization with your established protocols. Optimal for safeguarding against the leakage of API keys, tokens, and credentials and addressing critical security oversights. 

Price: By inquiry

Review: “Spectral is easy to set up and use, and it provides valuable insights into sensitive issues.”

5. Google Apigee Sense

Google Apigee Sense

Google Apigee Sense offers API discovery focusing on identifying irregular behavior patterns. Its integration with Google’s robust ecosystem enhances threat identification. Features like access controls and real-time monitoring make it suitable for businesses leveraging Google’s services.

Best for: Google ecosystem integration

Price: On request

Review: “It works as expected and the strength of its tools is another aspect that I like. When it comes to protecting APIs, this is the product that has a good design.”

6. Wallarm API Security Platform

Wallarm API Security Platform


Wallarm’s API Security Platform combines security analytics and real-time monitoring for effective threat detection. Its visualization and reporting features aid in understanding API landscapes. Wallarm’s AI-powered capabilities make it suitable for organizations seeking adaptive protection.

Best for: AI-powered incident response

Price: By inquiry

Review: “Wallarm API Security is a great tool to have if you need to secure your domains from external attacks.”

7. Traceable AI

Traceable AI

Traceable AI offers visibility into API activity through comprehensive monitoring. It excels in identifying threats and unusual behavior patterns, enhancing threat detection. Traceable AI’s focus on behavioral analytics makes it an efficient choice for proactive cybersecurity.

Best for: Anomaly detection

Price: By request

Review: “Traceable provides an incredibly comprehensive review of our API traffic.”

8. Salt Security

Salt Security

Salt Security delivers real-time analysis and ongoing insights for API discovery, attack prevention, and proactive security measures. Their platform assures immediate protection and value by seamlessly integrating with existing systems, allowing businesses to innovate confidently and accelerate their digital transformation.

Best for: Easy implementation and quick deployment

Price: Contact for pricing. 

Review: “The product has been instrumental in helping us resolve attacks and better understanding vulnerabilities.”

9. Nevatech Sentinet

Nevatech Sentinet

Nevatech Sentinet offers comprehensive API lifecycle management, covering discovery to retirement. It emphasizes compliance support, ensuring APIs align with regulations. Nevatech Sentinet’s customizable security policies make it suitable for tailored protection.

Best for: API lifecycle management and compliance

Price: By inquiry

Review: “Provides an easy way to manage and secure your APIs.”

10. Beagle Security

Beagle Security

Beagle helps identify vulnerabilities early, ensuring safer web app development. The platform covers 3000+ test cases, aligns with OWASP and SANS standards, provides actionable recommendations, supports complex app testing, and offers compliance reports.

Best for: Early identification of vulnerabilities

Price: Paid plans start at $490/year.

Review: “It’s very easy to navigate, the portal works well and grouping of projects really helps track customer engagements.” 

Boost Your Digital Defense with API Discovery Tools

Securing your digital assets against the evolving threat landscape is a priority that can’t be ignored. As we’ve explored the realm of API discovery tools, it’s evident that the landscape is brimming with innovative solutions to fortify your online operations. From proactive security measures to comprehensive visibility, these tools are your digital guardians. 

Memcyco’s solution goes beyond the capabilities of traditional API discovery tools by preventing website spoofing fraud and bolstering your online presence. Don’t wait for cyber adversaries to strike—be proactive in your cyber defense.

Contact Memcyco to learn how we can help take your digital security to the next level.

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